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Mister V

Mister V is the writer and artist behind several acclaimed graphic novels, including DNR, Helen Doesn't Live Here, and Mile High. His weekly comic Life is Grand explores Colorado history, and is published in the Grand Gazette.

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Stories Illustrated:

Hal Robins

Hal Robins' work spans movies, comic books, radio, video games, and television. He wrote and starred in the 1989 sci-fi comedy Kamillions, and is the host of the radio show Ask Dr. Hal.

Since 1997, he has been beloved by video game fans as the voice of Dr. Kleiner in the Half-Life franchise.

My interview with Hal Robins in 2013

Stories Illustrated:

Jaromír Novotný

Jaromír Novotný is currently in high school and taking classes in art while he works on projects that focus on animation and illustration. He plans on pursuing a career in art after high school.

Stories Illustrated:

Manuel Arroyo

Manuel Arroyo is an aspiring artist, currently in college. His main theme is the manipulation of the human body.

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