A photo of my tiny house, when it was parked in Broomfield, CO Another photo of my tiny house in Broomfield, CO A photo of the wheels of my tiny house A photo of the front door of my tiny house

I had this tiny house built between 2014 and 2015. It was built in Broomfield, Colorado, by a builder in nearby Superior.

The structure was built on top of a double-axle trailer, which someone noted had been the chassis of an RV. Later, the trailer was used to haul stone for a stonemason.

The trailer had been extensively repaired and upgraded, with new tires, new brakes, and improved turn signals.

A large front porch doubled as a storage compartment.

The interior was insulated, but still unfinished. The interior space measured about 64 ft2. This was enough room for a futon, a desk, and some bookshelves.

I sold the trailer in the summer of 2022.


The biggest challenge, by far, was getting the trailer registered. The chain of title I received upon purchase was invalid, so I had to track down a prior owner, and work with them to produce a new, clean title. My gratitude goes out to this person for their help. After a few months of research, I was able to have the trailer properly registered.